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Need for salt

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Madison, Wisconsin’s, B. Alencastre submitted photo reports from the island of Kauai on her last volunteer work, back in July 2009, for The Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center of Hawaii. She focused her 12 day stay at the salt ponds believing Bigfoot like all creatures need salt in their diets.

Salt farms like this one are tended to, daily, by local farmers dedicated to their work. Has any farmer seen a Bigfoot like creature?

Alencastre spent most of her time around the ponds from dusk to dawn. She interviewed most of the farmers and observed the pond perimeter for clues to Bigfoot presence.

The Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center of Hawaii’s volunteer. Alencastre, used this high ground to look for Bigfoot activity. Evening observations were difficult, but were filled with unusual sounds; grunting and shallow howling were reported.

Salt farmers say, it is from this brush area they hear strange sounds in the late evening. Salt disappears periodically, but not in alarming amounts, farmers attribute it to wild animals living in the area such as mongoose. But most don’t believe that to be true, especially when large scrape marks have been seen.