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The Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center of Hawaii – Hilo boat ops division volunteers regularly hang out at this old time fish auction house. The talk is about Bigfoot and sightings along the Hilo coastline.

The weather in Hilo can turn rather quickly, yet dedicated Bigfoot spotters take their boats out to sea and troll the coastal areas hoping to glimpse  a hairy Sasquatch- like creature.

Spotting Bigfoot  from a boat can be difficult when dealing with  harsh ocean conditions.

No putts about it

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Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center – Hawaii Island receives data periodically about a very large furry creature seen in the area of  the 12th and 17th fairways and greens and specific to these two holes.

Hilo Municipal has allowed The Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center of Hawaii total access to “Bigfoot spotter golf carts” when reports are called in.

Lush with vegetation, Hilo Muni located on the edge of town, may serve as  perfect living space for a Bigfoot-like creature. 8 sightings to date. *one questionable report – golfer impared at testimony and was known to be case the first case of DUI (driving under the influence) in a golf cart.


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Maui ops – The Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center of Hawaii’s catalog of  possible Bigfoot edibles. Banana – Bigfoot irresistible.

“It’s not what you expect to see,” said one Maui resident to TBSRCH. A glimpse of a huge furry creature with an armful of mangos, just may be a little frightening.

Calamansi – a tart little fruit. A Bigfoot favorite?

Macadamia nuts are high on the list of things to eat for a furry monster. The Macadamia nut shell is one of toughest, but apparently no match for Bigfoot. Harvesters find piles of cracked shells in the groves and cannot imagine how much effort it takes to break them open.


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The Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center of Hawaii – Hawaii Island Kona ops division are investigating; coffee growers claiming massive hairy creatures roaming through the groves picking and eating the world famous KONA coffee beans. Fortunately, not large quantities are being eaten so it’s impact is minimal.

KONA coffee in different stages.

 KONA coffee beans seem to  attract a large furry monster, coffee pickers refer to as Bigfoot. Only spotted in the early evening, one picker says, “it can reach the fruit near the tops, so he must be at least 8 to 9 feet tall.”


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May 31, 2010. The Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center of Hawaii Kauai Ops volunteers completed installation of 3 call blaster sites in May. Kauai blasters became operational June 1, 2010, hoping to attract a Sasquatch like creature into the open.