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Twilight golfers say they’ve seen ’em. Shy, large, hairy and smelly.

Amador County, California golfing twosome, Bob and Carol S., took this digi shot in August 2008; sent it to The Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center of Hawaii and asked for clarification. The couple, vacationing in Hawaii, was not aware of  Bigfoot sightings at the Pali GC. The only thing TBSRCH could verify was Carol beat Bob by 6 strokes.

Heavy forestation can provide a creature like Bigfoot the perfect habitat.

At dusk, the 9th fairway may just be the place to see a Bigfoot?



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Night shift bus drivers, in the rural routes, claim to see large hairy creatures dart across  highways, leaping over barricades effortlessly. Bus drivers are part of The Bigfoot Sighting and Reporting Center of Hawaii’s network.

Bigfoot spotters regularly volunteer for night ops. Many say they have seen a Sasquatch-like monster and just need verification.

Ala Wai Harbor boaters report sightings frequently as they circumnavigate the islands.

These boats will leave out in the early evening, hugging  the coastline, hoping to report Bigfoot nocturnal activity.